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Taichung Branch, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency, Ministry of Agriculture

Taichung Branch

In recent years, the numbers of different kinds of animals, plants, and their products imported into Taiwan have steadily increased. That has resulted in high risks of new animal and plant epidemics from foreign countries. Travelers often bring animals, plants, and their products from their countries without inspection. Additionally, some smuggle these items for economic gains. Those products may carry animal and plant pests and diseases which have never been identified in Taiwan, such as the pinewood nematode, golden apple snail, rice water weevil, American serpentine leafminer, silver leaf white fly, pseudorabies in pigs, infectious bursal disease virus, foot and mouth disease, Cacosylla chinensis and the red imported fire ant. Not only do these diseases and pests damage the ecological environment and public health, but they also interfere with national economic development.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency (APHIA)has four branch offices: Keelung, Taoyuan, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Our branch office is in Taichung City, and we have four inspection stations, Taichung Harbor Inspection station, Taichung Airport Inspection station, Chiayi Inspection station, Penghu Inspection station. We provide health inspection and quarantine services of animals, plants, and their products which were imported or to be exported. We have also provided techniques for different fresh fruits (mango, ponkan, jujube, lychee) cold/vapor heat treatment prior exported.


Taichung Branch:

Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Building

No. 250, Guoguang Rd., South Dist., Taichung City 402202,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone: 886-4-22850198

Fax: 886-4-22858147



Taichung Harbor Inspection Station:

1F., South Building, No.2, Sec. 10, Taiwan Blvd., Wuqi Dist.,

Taichung City 435210, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone: 886-4-26571815

Fax: 886-4-26562534



Taichung Airport Inspection Station:

4F., International Terminal, No.168, Sec. 1, Zhonghang Rd., Shalu Dist.,

Taichung City 433014, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone: 886-4-26155003

Fax: 886-4-26151796



Chiayi Inspection Station:

2F., No.327, Ren’ai Rd., West Dist., Chiayi City 600002, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone: 886-5-2257414

Fax: 886-5-2253587



Penghu Inspection Station:

No.481, Xinying Rd., Magong City, Penghu County 880009, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone: 886-6-9269360

Fax: 886-6-9266258